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About the Pitch Competition at the 2022 BOE


The 2022 Business Opportunity Expo will hold a Pitch Competition to showcase Certified Minority Business Enterprises that are working to move their businesses to the next level in capacity, staffing, skills or branding. The competition is open to all OMSDC Certified MBEs and OMSDC-Subscribed MBEs. Submitted pitches will be judged based on the following criteria:

1.     Identifying A Problem & The Solution – Examples include: What problem does this product/service aim to solve? What value does it add? Does the solution proposed solve that stated problem and to what degree?

2.     The Business Model & Strategy - Examples include: Which markets are targeted? What is the current business model? What is the current roadmap for execution and achieving growth? How do you attract clients/customers? What distribution channels are to be used?

3.     Confidence: - Examples include: A closing and call to action for viewers. The level of preparation and effort put into the pitch; including the presentation itself, the research conducted, the confidence in the product/service and the conviction in which the pitch was delivered.

**Recorded pitches should be no more than 90 seconds**

Prizes For The Top Three Winners!

1st Prize

  • Tech Swag Bag
  • One registration for the National Minority Supplier Development Council conference in October 2022
  • Two OMSDC 2022 Annual Awards Gala tickets

2nd Prize

  • One registration for the National Minority Supplier Development Council conference in October 2022
  • Two OMSDC 2022 Annual Awards Gala tickets

3rd Prize

  • Two OMSDC 2022 Annual Awards Gala tickets


MBEs must meet all criteria below to be considered:

  • Currently an established business with customers in existence for at least one (1) year (pitches for businesses that have not yet been established will not be considered for entry)
  • Hold a current NMSDC certification
  • Have completed registration to attend the Business Opportunity Expo
  • Submit a pre-recorded entry via the submission portal by May 13th, 2022

To sign up for the Pitch Competition, complete your 2022 Business Opportunity Expo registration and the Council will provide you with next steps.

Benefits of Participation

  • Showcase your business to OMSDC's Corporate Members and other MBEs that may find value in your business.
  • Gain recognition for your business - All Pitch Competition contestants will be highlighted in the OMSDC Bi-weekly newsletter during 2022.

Ingredients of a Solid Pitch Presenter and Pitch

  • Presenter should be confident.
  • Presenter should have body language that suggests confidence and likeability.
  • Presenter must be precise and engaging in communicating.
  • Presenter should take at least 3 iterations to continually refine the pitch.
  • Presenter should create an emotional attachment with a brief “story” that leads to the why.
  • Pitch should drive engagement (questions) of the participants listening to the pitch.
  • Be prepared to answer tough questions. Know your numbers.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Be clear on your ask.

Good Luck! For more information or questions about the BOE Pitch Competition, please contact:

Jelani Johnson
Manager, MBE Services | Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council
(513) 787-5385


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