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About the Pitch Competition at the 2021 BOE

The 2021 Business Opportunity Expo will hold a Pitch Competition to showcase Certified Minority Business Enterprises that are working to move their businesses to the next level in capacity, staffing, skills or branding. Up to 20 MBE organizations will be selected to record a pitch to be presented during the Expo. A panel will vote on the pitches with the top three prizes going to the MBE organizations with the most votes. To sign up for the Pitch Competition, complete your 2021 Business Opportunity Expo registration and the Council will provide you with next steps.


Prizes For The Top Three Winners!

1st Prize

  • Tech Swag Bag
  • One registration for the National Minority Supplier Development Council conference in October 2021
  • Two OMSDC 2021 Annual Awards Gala tickets

2nd Prize

  • One registration for the National Minority Supplier Development Council conference in October 2021
  • Two OMSDC 2021 Annual Awards Gala tickets

3rd Prize

  • Two OMSDC 2021 Annual Awards Gala tickets


MBEs must meet all criteria below to be considered:

  • Currently an established business with customers in existence for at least one (1) year (pitches for businesses that have not yet been established will not be considered for entry)
  • Hold a current NMSDC certification
  • Have completed registration to attend the Business Opportunity Expo
  • Be available to participate in the Pitch Presentation training the week of June 7, 2021 (see more information below)
  • Submit an entry as outlined below by June 18, 2021

Pitch Guidelines:

Recorded pitches should be no more than 90 seconds, and should include the following topics:

  • What is your business? Share your business story and information about your product or service.
  • Why your business? Give examples of past performance and what differentiates you from competitors.
  • What's next? Give a closing and call to action to viewers.

Benefits of Participation

  • Showcase your business to OMSDC's Corporate Members and other MBEs that may find value in your business.
  • Gain recognition for your business - All Pitch Competition contestants will be highlighted in the OMSDC Bi-weekly newsletter during 2021.

Ingredients of a Solid Pitch Presenter and Pitch

  • Presenter should be confident.
  • Presenter should have body language that suggests confidence and likeability.
  • Presenter must be precise and engaging in communicating.
  • Presenter should take at least 3 iterations to continually refine the pitch.
  • Presenter should create an emotional attachment with a brief “story” that leads to the why.
  • Pitch should drive engagement (questions) of the participants listening to the pitch.
  • Be prepared to answer tough questions. Know your numbers.
  • Allow yourself time (1-2 hours) before the pitch to clear any mental clutter and gain focus.
  • Know the language of the people judging your pitch.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Be clear on your ask. What are your true intensions?
  • Know what you are willing to give up if what you want comes with a price.
  • If your ask is for funding, know exactly what you will use the capitol for.

Our pitch training will train presenters these elements and how to effectively execute them.

Pitch Training

The OMSDC will provide Pitch Training the week of June 7 for MBE participants. OMSDC Corporate members and high-performing MBEs will provide feedback and offer tips.

Participants are encouraged to schedule one time slot for Pitch Training. A Pitch Competition training video will be coming soon to offer more guidance to MBEs.

Coaches include representatives from:

  • Turner Construction
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Hightowers Petroleum

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